Aura Youth Ageless Moisturizer

Aura Youth Moisturizer Ingredients

We have three ingredients in the formula that we’re going to spend our time focusing on; Vitamin C, Peptides, and Collagen.  These three alone would make for a fantastic product, and that’s the mentality that Aura Youth Ageless Moisurizer is using to approach their product.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C, as used topically in skincare products, is seeing a huge surge in popularity.  Here’s why; Vitamin C is directly involved in Photoprotection, PhotoDamage/Wrinkling, Wound Healing and Dry Skin, among other functions.  Applied topically, and in the right conditions, it can provide a big boost to overall skin function and health.  The only catch is that improperly stabilized vitamin c can deteriorate pretty rapidly.  That makes a lot of the serums and creams that you see in stores already past the point of usefulness.  That’s a big benefit of Aura Youth.  It’s able to provide the vitamin c at peak efficacy for the most powerful results available.

Collagen – Collagen is everything when it comes to skin.  Well, just about everything.  It makes up something like 60% of our overall skin structure, and because it’s so prevalent, when it disappears, or breaks down, it impacts the appearance of our skin heavily.  By using it topically, and in conjunction with Vitamin C, Aura Youth is trying to help boost collagen production, repair, and overall skin rejuvenation.

Peptides – Peptides are crucial in another way, but just as important as the combination of Vitamin C and Collagen.  They’re used to help prevent moisture loss, specifically via TEWL prevention.  TEWL, or Transepidermal Water Loss, is a common cause of surface wrinkles and roughness, and by working to prevent this loss of moisture, peptides can play a major role in making your skin look great.

Aura Youth Ageless MoisturizerAre There Side Effects for Aura Youth?

We haven’t seen any side effects of Aura Youth Ageless Moisturizer reported, yet.  But the natural extracts are painting a big question mark for us.  Some people have plant allergies, so until we know for sure what they’re using for fruit extracts, we’re not going to speculate on if they’re going to have side effects or not.  We think that first time users, with any skincare product, should apply it somewhere away from their face or neck.    

Aura Youth Ageless Moisturizer Reviews

Truth be told, we’re not seeing many reviews for Aura Youth yet.  Google searches are mostly filled with marketing stuff from social media, so we think that once the bigger review sites pick it up, we’ll have something to work with.  Check back with us and we’ll keep this page updated for you.  Our review for Aura Youth Ageless Moisturizer is one that has been focused on the ingredients so far.  The ingredients, which we detailed above, are really the big reason to try this one.  The trial is just a nice added value for curious buyers.

Aura Youth Ageless Moisturizer Contact Information

If the information provided by the company is correct, they’re based out of St Petersberg, Florida.  They’ve provided a phone number for support and customer service which is; 1-800-986-4157.  They say that they have excellent customer service, but we haven’t had to deal with them directly yet.  They’re available at all hours, and throughout the week.  If you would rather contact them via email, try this one;  And keep their return address on record as well, which is;

Fulfillment Center

Care of: Aura Youth Returns

PO BOX 35395

St. Petersberg, FL 33705

Aura Youth Cream and Aura Youth Serum

We’ve heard reports that Aura Youth Cream isn’t the only product that Aura Youth will be releasing this season.  In fact, we have it on good authority that Aura Youth Serum will be announced soon as well.  That’s pretty exciting news, especially since there is a lot of buzz going around about the cream right now.  The Aura Youth Serum is supposedly going to be big, and has some benefits that fall in line nicely with the cream.  It’s marketed as a “Enriching Under Eye Serum”, so we think it will be focusing mostly on dark circles and crow’s feet.  We’ll keep this article updated as we get more information, so be sure to check back!

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